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I’m giving it five stars (on goodreads) because it was a captivating novel spanning centuries, and I learnt stuff. I am richer and more learned for reading it. Put it this way, a lot of work has gone into this book to make it what it is, so the five stars.

It’s quite an ambitious project with a lot of research, so it’s understandable why the narrative is told more like a series of interlinked short stories. This was a plus for me, because it made it manageable as some characters were boring, and other very engaging. Especially in the beginning where it felt the Gyasi was setting up the novel.

The narrative is light, if this is possible with such a topic. Considerably light reading for a heavy subject, but it does cover a multiple of topics and as we get to the end, loses something – the end isn’t as powerful but it is full circle.

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