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Secret Miami Nights
Great book and well written. I just find the moral compass of the payoff questionable. Without giving away the story there is a big family reveal at the end but no one is held accountable, and that really ticked me off. The hero was still happy to hide behind his family wealth, blame his scheming parents and have a HEA after the reveal….

Also the hero Ashton was weak, and a mummy and daddy’s boy. I’d say weak in the sense his parents still controlled and manipulated him, even though he was a grown man. However he wanted to live that life. He wanted all the trappings of wealth and power his family gave him. He wasn’t man enough to step out in the world alone and establish himself. I think that was half trouble with this dude. Good luck to Haley with dealing with him and his mama.

Read other reviews for a balanced view. As I said it’s a great book, but I’m not sure of the underlying moral compass.

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