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Procrastination: Why You Do It, What to Do About It Now
This book is more likely USEFUL if you are STUCK or DESPERATE otherwise it will probably be tossed aside as a dry and boring and tedious read. And you probably need to be past your early thirties with ‘where the hell has my life gone’ moments. Otherwise probably not much use.

This book is about confronting the important things or goals we put off in life.

I say this because I’ve read a lot of bad reviews, and I agree with them. I also agree with the good ones.  However the bad reviewers  probably wanted motivation and inspiration and easy answers. But this book isn’t about motivation or inspiration or telling people they can reach for the stars and be who ever they want to be. No. This book isn’t about giving self-validation. This book is about having a HARD REALITY CHECK. It also promises no MIRACLES or CURES or QUICK FIXES – if it did it would have sold millions of copies!

I’ll say it again, if I wasn’t in the place where I was, I would have chucked it out, given it zero stars but I persevered. I also was completely honest with myself so though 99% of the book didn’t apply to me (nor will it to you), there was 1% of the book that did. Probably only about 30 pages in different places were relevant.


It just points out reasons why you may be procrastinating (from a psychology point of view) and then gives coping strategies to help achieve plans. So no cures, no inspiration, no motivation. What you put in is what you get out of it. It’s hard work. It also takes time. BUT IT WORKS! At least for me. I’s also more like a different type of time-management strategy book, so I use it as that.


I managed to do a few things I was procrastinating about, and also got a 40% pay raise. So now I’m in a different income bracket. I’m still using it as a guide book because I have a few more big things I need done. Some are easier than others. It’s also slightly changing my approach to dealing with some tasks, so I’m much quicker.


So if you need something different after reading all those motivational books that make you feel better but with no results. Buy this. Struggle through reading it. Take what applies to you, use the methods. Keep at it and see if it makes a difference in your life.