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Bought for Her Innocence (Greek Tycoons Tamed #2)
Strong start, very emotional and lots of angst. It’s a good story but I got a bit bored with the characters always clashing with each other, a little too much angst for me. The main intimate scene is delayed for rather a long time, and at times that can make a story drag. So if you are patient reader and don’t mind waiting to way past the middle for that SOMETHING to HAPPEN, then this is your book.

About the story? Jasmine is a pole dancer whose brother has been very naughty in underground gambling/strip club. This leads Jasmine into a bit of bother when he dies and leaves her serving his debt. Serving is probably the right word there – without getting too seedy. Things go a bit awkward when the debt is called in and Jasmine can’t pay – so of course, it goes a bit seeder. Lots of stuff happen, and we get to meet the hero, Dmitri. Plenty of angst, past history, and sizzling chemistry sets this book alight.

Saying that, I’m curious about other story – book 1 – with Leah and Starvos so I may hunt that down.

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