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There are paranormal elements in this story.

It was early afternoon on a cold rainy summer day. The sun hid behind a cloud. Jane sat in the corner of the garden and puffed on a cigarette. She wore her black jeans, sparkly top and boots. She thought she looked good, hot even.

In another corner, some kids played birthday games. In the centre of the garden was a table. On it were stacks of blue and yellow cups and jugs of lemonade and orange juice. There were tiny sandwiches, fairy cakes and bread pudding. It looked a delicious spread.

Near the table on the lawn was a music player. It blasted out party tunes and a few people danced. It looked so happy but Jane was in a miserable mood. The party was boring.

Inside Aurora was getting the cake ready. Suddenly Aurora appeared carrying the cake. Everyone started singing happy birthday.

Jane tried to ignore her by turning her back. However Aurora shouted, “Jane, come on, join in the fun.”

She didn’t want to speak to Aurora, so she told her to go away.

Aurora yelled, “don’t be like that, cheer up.”

So Jane gave a fake smile. Then she saw him. A tall dark handsome man. He was standing in the corner with a drink. She tossed her hair and asked Aurora who he was.

Aurora looked worried. “Bad boy Alex.”

He had long hair, devilish eyes and a wide grin. He wore a velvet jacket that fitted well. He walked to Jane. She was memorised.


Jane could only nod. A shiver went down her spine.

“Let’s go somewhere quiet,” he said.

They went round the front of the house. He put his hands around her shoulder.


Jane and the handsome stranger disappeared.


They reappeared in a front garden. The house’s living room was decorated with balloons and streamers. But no one was there. There was a large Happy Birthday Sign hanging up. On the coffee table was a large blue iced cake with candles. It was scary.

Jane squeezed the stranger’s hand and asked what should they do. She wanted to go back to her party.

The man laughed. “Let’s see if anyone is in.”

The man approached the front door followed by Jane. He pushed it. It creaked open. The house was silent.

They walked into the room which was decorated for a party. Streamers, buffet of finger food, sweets, crisps and chocolate. It was perfect but silent.

Aurora came out dancing and singing. She was headless and dripping with blood. Jane screamed!

Jane ran from the house. She yelled, running down the street. She noticed the place was too quiet. No one was on the street. Where was everyone? Behind her were the man who was now a vampire with long fangs and headless Aurora. They were groaning happy birthday and juggling oranges.

Headless Aurora and the vampire were gaining on her. There was no way to hide. Jane started to sing happy birthday. It was her last.

Zap! Puff!

She reappeared at party, just in time to sing. Aurora smiled. The man nodded. Jane was relieved to be back.

The End