His wooden shack was tiny and cold with a faint aroma of strawberries. The moonlight flooded in though a sole tiny window. The walls were bare and the only furnishing was a naked mattress on the stone floor.

She trembled. Finally, she was ready. Steading her breath, she drank him in. His shaven head gleamed in the moonlight, his molasses eyes deep and intense.

He ripped off his leather bracelet, throwing it on the floor and pulled off his hoodie flinging it to the far corner of the shack. Underneath he was dressed in an oil stained wife-beater and ripped jeans. His body definition was flawless.  He kicked off his shoes, not once breaking his burning gaze from her.

“Are you sure you want this?” he murmured, low and seducive.

She trembled even more and stared at the bare mattress, biting her lip. Unsure, yet sure.

He closed the gap between them. Sexy and in control. She inhaled his earthy scent and her heart raced even more, firing burning desire through her entire being.  Simply flawless. A god amongst mankind. She couldn’t go back even if she wanted to.

He stilled and traced a long graceful finger down her cheek and over her lower lip, scotching her with a sensation so deep she nearly came.